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with Christine

Get out of your own way and manifest your desire with ease

Rapid Breakthrough Coaching

Experience the most impactful breakthrough to manifest your desire... or your money back*

1 Breakthru Session

1-on-1 coaching call through Zoom to break through your limiting beliefs and propel you into the mindset you need to manifest your main desire.
30-minute session

3 Breakthru Sessions

1-on-1 coaching call through Zoom to break through your limiting beliefs and propel you into the mindset you need to manifest your main desire.
30-minute sessions



7 Day Manifest with Me

Together you and I focus our attention on 1 desire you'd like to manifest for 7 full days.

You'll receive 2 texts a day from me through WhatsApp: 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening to remind you & check-in with you on how your mindset is progressing.

I'll also be manifesting on your behalf and ONLY see you as having your desire already. 


*30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Feel more confident, powerful, and experience for yourself your manifestation materialize within 30 days from your session or get a 100% refund.


Success Stories

I just had a breakthrough session with Christine and I feel so happy! It was fast and it was so powerful. She got me to go into a state of already achieving what I wanted and what that felt like.

She brought it so powerfully to the surface and I’m so happy and excited to tune into this playful energy. She’s brilliant! She is so good at what she does — uplifting and finding exactly what you need. 


— Jodi P.

Vancouver, CA

Working with Christine has been a really incredible experience. I hit a point in my business where I felt like I didn’t know which direction to go in. I had very little motivation. And then after going through the process with Christine, it’s actually something that I’ve adapted into my everyday routine.

What was most important for me was the taking everything that I wanted to do and just breaking it down into small, tangible actions that I take everyday that are simple and gratifying.

It was an experience that definitely brought me back to the inspiration I have at the beginning of starting my business. 

— Michelle C.

South Africa

It Was a Life-Changing Session!

I had a coaching session with Christine and it was truly amazing. It only took about three minutes before she’d uncovered my issue, an issue I didn’t realize I was having.


Her gentle yet firm direction was exactly what I needed. It was a life-changing session that allowed me to go forward with a huge life decision. I couldn’t recommend Christine more. I only have the highest praise for her.


— Jackie H.

Achieving Goals Without Much Effort

Very interesting session.  


I liked the process of breaking things down into smaller actionable components.  Then, by executing the action items - one can achieve one's goals without much effort or thought.


One's actions turn into habits.

— Tony C. 

Worcester, MA

I Felt Great and Motivated

Today I did a laser coaching session with Christine. She helped to clarify my goal, breakdown strategies to meet my goal, and helped me to see what meeting my goal would look like visually, mentally and emotionally.  Together we set a time line to work towards. The meditation exercise was relaxing and uplifting.  When I opened my eyes I felt great and motivated to work towards my goal.  What I chose as my goal would start in the home however extend beyond into everyday life.  I look forward to following up with Christine soon!😊


— Diane C. 

Worcester, MA

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